A Moving Guide: Four Things To Do As Soon As You Arrive At Your New Place

Posted on: 22 February 2017

The moving process can be tiring and overwhelming. When you finally arrive at your new place and have all of your boxes stacked in the living room, you might be tempted to just pass out on the couch and sleep for three days. But before you let yourself rest, there are a few things you should do ASAP upon arriving at your new home.

Check over your valuable items.

Most moving companies offer insurance and will cover the cost of your items if they were damaged during transit. But generally, you must report any damage within 24 or 48 hours of your move. You don't have to look everything over -- unless you really plan to seek reimbursement for something like a single cracked coffee mug -- but do take the time to look over any more valuable items to ensure they have not been damaged during shipping. If you find that anything has been damaged, take photos and send them to your moving company immediately.

Unpack the essentials.

A few hours from now, you're not going to feel any more like digging through your boxes for towels and shampoo. So take a few minutes now to sort through the boxes and unpack the essentials, including basic clothing, toiletries, and kitchen items. Everything else can wait a few days until you've recovered from the first stage of the move!

Make sure you are parked properly.

Parking at a new place can be challenging if you don't have a new driveway. Especially if you have a moving truck that's going to be remaining at your new home until you get around to returning it, take time to double-check that it's parked legally. Read the signs on the side of the road, check with your landlord, or ask a friendly-looking neighbor -- whatever it takes to ensure a parking ticket is not added to your list of moving costs.

Locate the circuit box and water main.

You never know when an emergency will strike. Just in case something happens when you're still unpacking and moving in, make sure you know where the circuit breaker box and water main are. This way, you can turn off the water in case of a plumbing leak and the power in case of an electrical issue.

Once you've accomplished these tasks, you truly can kick back, relax, and enjoy a night or two in your new place before you begin the rigorous task of unpacking.