Top Reasons To Hire Moving Professionals For Your Cross-Country Move

Posted on: 1 July 2015

Are you getting ready to move to a new home? Are you worried about the different issues that you might run into when moving to a new state? Although moving can be difficult and time consuming, moving companies can help make it less stressful. Here are some reasons why you should consider using one.

Less physically demanding: Maybe you've bought a bunch of moving tools, such as dollies, hand trucks, and assorted furniture slides. But when was the last time that you actually tried to move a large piece of furniture? Both not knowing how to properly lift heavy objects and trying to rush through a project can result in potentially serious injuries. You could end up spending moving day in the hospital with a sprain or worse. If you hire one of your local moving companies to do the move for you, you won't have to worry about injuring yourself. Their experienced movers will get your belongings on and off the truck without you needing to lift a finger.

Less stress: If you've never had to drive a moving truck around your city, let alone on the interstate system, doing so for the first time can be extremely stressful. Because of things like low underpasses or weight-restricted roads, you may need to stop and find an entirely different route to your new home. If you have a personal car, you'll also have to figure out how to best transport it to your new home. When you hire a moving company, they'll work all that out for you. And instead of finding someone to drive your car or towing it along, you'll be able to drive it yourself.

Potential storage space: You may think that you have everything perfectly coordinated. You'll pack up and move out of your old house on one day, then a few days later you'll be unpacking and moving into a new home. Unfortunately, even the best plans can sometimes go awry. The current occupants of your new home may have difficulties with their move, forcing them to stay longer than was agreed upon. A pipe could burst in your new home, forcing you to have it repaired and cleaned up before you move in. If you're moving into a rented residence, the landlord may have neglected to repaint or lay down new carpeting until hours before your arrival. Fortunately, many moving companies offer storage solutions when you move. Some may offer free storage for a certain amount of time, while you will have to pay a modest fee for others. Having this option available means that you won't have to scramble to figure out where to put your belongings while waiting to finally move in.