Three Ways To Thank Your Moving Crew

Posted on: 22 June 2015

If you've ever attempted to lug a refrigerator, washing and dryer set or an L-shaped office desk yourself, you'll have even more appreciation for the crew of movers who work to make your move go as smoothly as possible. Whether you've hired a moving company, like Redondo Van & Storage, to look after all your household possessions or you've simply hired the service for a shorter duration to handle the big, bulky items, it's important to acknowledge the people who perform this physically demanding service for you. While saying thanks with a smile is common sense, there are three other ways that you can express your appreciation.


Although tipping your moving crew is technically optional, doing so is a sign of proper etiquette -- and clearly shows that you value the crew's efforts. On the website, a representative for the American Moving and Storage Association notes that the amount you tip is entirely up to you, but that tipping between $10 and $20 per mover is customary. Consider the length of time that the crew provided assistance and the difficulty of the move when determining how much you wish to tip. It's best to tip at the end of the move, do so in cash and to distribute the tips to each person individually.


You're certainly under no obligation to provide refreshments for your moving crew, but when you see how hard and conscientiously they're working on your behalf, you'll likely want to help in some way. Depending on your budget, it's ideal to provided bottled water and some low-sugar sports drinks to keep the crew hydrated and energized. It's best to avoid high-sugar products such as soda; although the sugar and caffeine provide an energy boost, it's soon followed by a crash. If the crew helps you over the lunch hour, it's polite to provide some sort of food, whether it's a platter of homemade sandwiches or some hot dogs and burgers grilled up on the barbecue. If you wish to order in, ask the crew members what they'd enjoy -- and remember that many people opt for pizza, so your idea of pizza might not be that enticing.

Following Up

The end of a move can be somewhat chaotic as the moving crew packs up to leave and you're faced with the daunting prospect of setting up your new home. In the days afterward, when things calm down a little, it's ideal to place a call or send an email to the moving company to express your thanks for the help the crew provided. Give as much information about the experience so the company's manager can pass along your thanks to the crew.