How Can I Pick The Best Sized Of Storage Unit For My Needs?

Posted on: 2 June 2015

Before you can pick the right size storage unit for your needs, you must first determine how much stuff you want to place in storage. This process can be time-consuming, but doing it step-by-step will help you make the most of your storage unit. 

Gather All Your Items for Storage Into One Area

Clear a space in your home -- maybe in your garage or shed -- where you can place everything that you want to put into storage in one spot. Next, gather all the items that are meant for the storage unit. Go through every closet, room and storage space in your home. This process can be a helpful reality check. You may realize that you have more items to store than you were originally aware, or you may realize that many of the items you meant to place into storage are no longer worth keeping.  

Put Everything Into Tubs or Boxes

Ideally, you'll place all your items bound for storage into modular, stackable tubs. This is the most space-efficient way to pack items into your storage unit. 

Measure the Cubic Feet

Once you've put everything into tubs or boxes, arrange everything into one large rectangular stack. Arrange everything as efficiently as possible, with little or no space between boxes. Measure the depth, height and width of the stack with a measuring tape. Take these measurements in feet, not inches. Multiply these measurements by one another. The resulting product is the cubic feet of the items to be placed into storage. 

Pick a Unit Slightly Larger than the Cubic Feet You Measured

Most likely, your storage unit will be measured in cubic feet, which means that you'll need a unit that is at least as large as the cubic feet you measured in the step above. However, when you fill your storage unit with boxes, some amount of space will (and should) be left empty. There are several reasons for this:

  • It is usually impossible to safely stack boxes all the way to the ceiling of your storage unit. There will be empty space near the top of the room.
  • Some space must be left in the center of the storage unit where you can walk. Without an aisle, you will need to remove everything at the front in order to access everything at the back.
  • Boxes themselves are often in different widths and heights, so there may be some amount of space left between the boxes. 
  • You may decide to add more items to storage over time.

In other words, you're going to want a storage unit that is larger than the volume of stuff that you wish to place into storage right now. Exactly how much larger will depend on the amount of stuff you anticipate accumulating in your unit over time and how tall the ceilings of your storage unit will be. If you find yourself unable to decide, contact a storage company like Grand Central Storage, and take a trip to the storage facility. While you're there, inspect the available units and speak with a customer care representative.